Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Without Getting Political

Well, not really. It is almost impossible to nowadays turn on any kind of media, be it social or paid, and not get bombarded with political mumbo-jumbo.

This coming election will be my 12th voting opportunity in our political system. Over the years, since 1974 which was my first time, I have registered as an independent voter. By doing this, I forego the ability to vote in caucuses or primaries but tell myself this is a small price to pay to retain my mental independence. I don’t know how much truth there is in this.

As an independent, my votes have gone to both Democrats and Republicans. I have to admit that more Republicans than Democrats have received my much sought after nod over the years. But there has been a common denominator: usually I will go with a conservative, although not fanatically so. I do not believe in fanatical viewpoints of any kind, for this usually means that blinders are on.

During the last few terms, there has been a tendency which every day worries me more. We, as citizens of this country (whether born or naturalized, the responsibilities are the same) have forgotten what being so actually means. Our thinking process has been taken over by a marketing machinery that constantly imbues us with the idea that voting “as a block” is what should be done. Forget the wellbeing of the country and concentrate on the wellbeing of your interests, no matter how selfish and/or unreasonable they may be.

As a result of this tendency, well fed and maintained by the government, our society is more divided than ever. Racially, socially, economically, etc. Anything anyone on the public eye says is automatically checked with the “PoliCoMet” (politically-correctness-meter) and usually deemed as wanting. In the meantime, the smaller but louder groups get more and more undeserved attention.

I think it is time to revamp the voting process in this country. First, it should be an obligation to vote, not a “let’s see how I feel that day and if going over there is not too much hassle”. Civic education must be improved to have children understand what this process truly means and what a privilege this obligation is.

Each vote should count. One citizen, one vote. Enough with a system where sometimes a very small majority determines the number of overall voting delegates who will not truly and fully represent voters from a region. In order to vote, some sort of national identification should be required. After all, for most everything else I will be asked for a photo ID. Why not for voting?

Again, we go back to small, loud groups who determine it is not in their best interest to have this ID. And the majority keeps silent and allows this to happen because it is easier to do so, than to stand up and say “no more”.

Whom do we voting folks have as a choice? On the Dem side a couple of older, rich white folk who swear they “are the people”. One with a very checkered professional history whom I personally hope will not make it to the Presidency and one with a very checkered thinking process who wants to give the world away. On the other side there is an amalgam of personalities, all vying to out-conservative the other ones. Screams, accusations and, in the middle, our good Ol’ USA.

The pickings are slim, and this comes at a time when we, as a nation, need someone who will not be afraid to take the handles and steer with a defined direction. I have to trust the system and believe this system, which has served us well for over 200 years, will continue to withstand the concerted attacks and to stand tall.

After all, it is politics as usual indeed.

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
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