Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Sometime in the future, in a non-denominational world, the ages of quick knowledge and enlightenment may be measured by the above little letters. What do these critters mean? I’m sure you ask…

These precious little letters mean no more and no less than… “Before Google Search Availability” and “After Google Search Availability”. Don’t laugh… there is a great cultural divide here.

If you are reading this, it’s likely you belong to a group of individuals who braved the world of academia with rulers, dictionaries, and… OMG!!!... Books! Yep… those ancient things which had pages to be turned, read, marked, annotated and underlined and then, when you were done with the year studies, they were resold to the next class of aspiring students. The value went up according to the quality of the notes and underlining which paved the way for an easier study time.

I think this crop of students, the “Goooglehead” generation, is privy to a lot of information we did not readily have. It could be said they are smarter because of this and because they can find out the answer to most anything with a few hits to the keyboard on their telephone and/or phablet and/or laptop. Perhaps. I agree that a pocket, electronic Wikipedia would have been a big help in our time. The Good Lord knows what trials and tribulations we went through at finals time; running to get the needed last minute information, going to the library (remember those?) and checking through the cards and the old records you could look at in those old viewers that rolled them in an almost unreadable screen.

On the other hand, there are elements which might be missing from the new picture. The process of learning and thereby assimilating the contents, the acquired patience needed to find sources, read them and cull the wanted information. A patience which comes in handy later in the real world, where not all is solved by stroking the keys of a computer. I have witnessed a high level of frustration in youngsters (Geesh… I’m sounding old) when they can’t get an instant answer and resolution.  

There is another and, perhaps more important area, where overall development could be lacking. Early social life. For many, socialization comes through chat groups, not through face to face interaction. In the usual social media, what counts in the life of teens and young adults are the “likes” they may get to a posting. No matter how silly this posting may be. There have been far too many cases where a “dislike” brings on a depressive state. They become a symbol of rejection. These internet surfers have not developed the emotional and personality tools which would help them deal with the perceived slights.

Yes, I know. I come from a complex, yet simpler time. Complex because we had to learn to interact with others and this was not easy or simple. Simpler time because we were not overwhelmed with an ever-expanding universe of possibilities at our fingertips. We looked for what we needed and didn’t get the surrounding garbage that today comes with all searches.

Is this going to change? Not likely. Actually, the next generation of “smarter-than-thou” helpers is already on its way to us and our children, who gleefully want to be the first in line to get the new goodies.

It is their new world and we, the old geezers, created and handed it to them… Now we are becoming bystanders in the all-out virtual world race…

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
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