Monday, June 8, 2015

Freedom of Expression… Do We have It?

In a world which everyday becomes smaller and where very vocal minorities tend to have their way…

…the concept of true freedom of expression is paying a very steep price. I am very open to discussions, regardless of what some people may think. My views are on the right side of center, though not on the far right. There is no room in my life for a fanatic view of any kind, except in the sports world.

So yes, I am open to discuss most any idea and to respect the other side’s views, as long as they meet one small requirement… they must respect mine as well. This seems to present a road block to most of these discussions with folks who call themselves democrats and/or liberals.

The “liberalization” of America is coming at a very steep price to the concept of intellectual freedom. Today it is becoming more and more difficult to openly express conservative ideas without being ridiculed by a number of people who are “liberals” but who have no concept as to what true liberty or democracy means. The moment someone says something not in agreement with their views, the supposed liberal becomes anything but.

In colleges and universities, in radio and in mainstream TV talk shows the push is to vilify all that does not agree with their general agenda. That which responds to being recognized as a “progressive liberal” than a “retrograde conservative”.

The topics which fall under this questionable umbrella include political views, relations between the sexes, child rearing ideas, concepts in general and even religion. I suppose we, the “older generation” didn’t know how to do anything right…

Actually… looking at some of the results of our child rearing habits, there may be a bone or two to pick there. Our children have created a world where “me-first” seems to be the order and, in turn, our grandchildren are taking this to unhealthy extremes. Gullibly so.

This country was founded based on fairly well established grounds of the right of the individuals. Is this liberalization movement a real one? … Is it being truly engineered at a grass root level by people who rightly or wrongly think it is the right move?

Or … is this whole ideological trip based on the constant berating by a left leaning mainstream press and higher education teaching corps who beat into submission anything which may not be equal to their ideas?

It is time to take stock as to where each one of us actually stands. And make a stand. Without influence from outside trends, press or other entities which have vested interests. After all, we are those individuals about whom the Constitution was written.

And remember:

Your rights end where mine begin.

Be Well … Be Back!!!

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