Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Twitting World.

In my early travel years, one had to get somewhere in order to place a simple phone call to somewhere else…

Never mind a call with an accompanying picture or –Gasp!!- a real time video of the interlocutor. This was Star Trek stuff, not meant for real life, only for Mr. Spock and the likes. And while I am not sure the technical advancements and embellishments accomplished since then are a real life enhancement bonus, they are here to stay and are evolving at a much faster pace than we ourselves can.

Today, a cell phone (and all its peripherals) is a ubiquitous (I had to dig in for that last one!!) artifact which has become more important than the food we eat. In fact, it tells us which food we should and should not eat…Everywhere you look and everyone you see is hanging from one of those. We can’t seem to contemplate the consequences of being without it...

Weather, mail, news flashes (the ones we may want and the ones we want to do without), junk, the latest gossip, political stuff, pictures, FB, whatsapp, whoapp, whenapp… and, of course… the one with the little birdie that makes more noise than a flock of Birds of Paradise… yes, that one, Twitter.

This last has, actually, done a favor to us all by limiting the amount of stuff we can put on at one time. It has also opened the way for a new, condensed version of English and, apparently, the way to the future of the language. “f u cn rd this ur rly rd” or something like this will permeate our children’s and grandchildren’s books at some time.

I look at FB a couple of times a day and don’t even have it in my phone (Too much space and too many interruptions to my day) but I have to confess that Twitter has become a regular companion. It began as a simple way to follow some folk and learn of their ideas. Then, little by little it grew into a quasi-political forum which includes people from 4 continents and some 16 countries.

Yes, most of my correspondents are folk with whom I share a right-of-center viewpoint but I have also had the opportunity to have some lively and good discussions from folk who represent the other side of the divide. A majority of the entries are in Spanish, since most friends are in South America and Spain but now it seems that the US based contingent is growing…

The dove is on its way to become a big eagle. In countries where governments try to shut down communications to avoid critical comments or the spread of bad news, this little bird has flown high and has kept all informed as to what is going on. It has become a critical social medium where citizens can tell each other real stuff in real time. The Tweets have become a thorn on the side of budding tyrants and there is little they can do about it.

That is one function which can be lauded and praised. Even if it means we have to put up with some “famous” people meaningless diatribe once in a while. Small price to pay.

The virtual world, a world without frontiers.

Be Well… Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
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