Saturday, April 30, 2016

From Wally’s Pond... Again

It has been a while since I had a chance to sit by the water’s edge at
In my mind, This would
be Wally's Pond
this pond which only exists in my mind; a restful place which allows me to think (yes, think!) a bit… I thought a break was overdue.

My on-going promise to self has been that politics would be left out of my writings but… this becomes an impossible task as we march into an election year.

The pickings are bleak this time ‘round. On the one side, we have an older gentleman whose only card is the “gift card”. -“Elect me and most everything you get will be free”. I do not have a master in economics, except the one which might have been earned in the university of “Hard Knocks”: trying, failing and trying again. One well learned lesson is that no service or product is free. Everything has a cost factor and it has to be paid for the service or product to be available. Also, as shown by the present government’s gift giving structure, it is all too easy to get used to receiving goodies and giving nothing in return. I am still not sure as to how all the freebies will continue to be paid for. Let me see… perhaps higher taxes?

There are people who honestly need help and as citizens, they should have it. There are people who know well how to use the system to their advantage; they should be rooted out in order to preserve the very system for those who really need it.

The other candidate on this side? Personally I do not believe she should even be allowed to run freely, much less for POTUS. When someone blatantly believes him/herself above the law you and I have to abide by, that person becomes a menace to society. As President, she would become a menace to the nation.

How ‘bout the other side? Well… we have a self-proclaimed guru of government, constitution and rightful religion; one person who barely won his own home state and someone whose rhetoric has inflamed a large portion of the public into action. Many of whom had never bothered to participate before.

It has been a while since this piece got started… trips to my Wally’s Pond have been curtailed because of work and other issues…

Since last time I had a chance to write, I have learned how one side actually pays professional instigators to try and disrupt the person with whom they do not agree. Violence is not out of the question. Almost like watching Nazi Shock Troops go into action. What these fools don’t realize is that by their actions more and more people are being galvanized into the voting block and more than not, on behalf of the very candidate they want to stop. In his last speech, their choice target candidate had to take a tour of the countryside in order to get to his podium.

Maybe in some Utopian World, the ones who call themselves left liberals, will learn and accept that we ALL have the right to express what we think, whether it agrees with their thoughts or not. Your right is to shut me out, turn me off  – not shout me out or threaten me. I have stated it before and will again and again; “your rights END where mine BEGIN”.

On a different, yet related front, we go on borrowing more and more as a nation, spending more and more on the wrong issues and ignoring many that should receive support. Much of this in the name of PC (Lord, how I dislike that concept!!) and not based on reality. Our children and their grandchildren are being saddled with a debt they will be paying for generations and in the midst of the social disarray these debts are and will continue to create.

Someone -I don’t remember who- said in a moment of ethereal lucidity: “fear less the enemy without and more the enemy within for this one, if unchecked, will eventually destroy you

How true, and how sad we as a nation are now at this juncture.

Be Well … Be Back!!!

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