Saturday, February 18, 2017

From the Desk of…

I have always liked this header. It seems to imply position or rank. Whether real or self-imposed, is a different story. There were times when, in the process of getting my own letterhead done, I actually thought about plastering this little ditty on the left superior corner. But in the end, it would not be found up there.

Every time I thought about using it, the question would pop… But… But… whatever is coming, is not coming from my desk, is it? When did it learn to send things by itself? Yep, I know… it sounds nonsensical to me too… In fact, this whole thing sounds off the wall to me.

So, let’s get on to another topic. And just how do we do this, I ask? … you may also ask if you truly wish to do so… The real answer is “I’m not sure” but if we keep on writing something is bound to come up. With all mental efforts avoiding the call to be drawn into the political arena… too easy… and too difficult at the same time.

Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head” Lisa Nichols, “The Secret”. Every so often I go back and read a little bit of this compilation book. Perhaps it should be said “re-read” because the book is earmarked in many pages, underlined like a 10th grade school book. It had been a while since my thoughts went in this direction. Today, while cleaning my desk of unwanted excess paper stuff (trying to use less real paper as I go along, using more and more of these virtual pages) there was the book, under a pile of long not-looked-at stuff next to the printer/copier/scanner sitting quietly on the far corner of the desk.  I opened one of the marked pages and there was the passage from Lisa Nichols reminding me that we are and represent, by all measures, the sum of our thinking. And I have to add that I believe this last is but a compendium of all we have seen, lived and become.

The concept behind this book and the myriad of writers who contributed to it is that one is the master of his universe. Well, at least the corner which is included in the immediate surroundings to one self. There are many variables, especially where several of these little universe corners meet and intertwine. Is the stronger wishful thinker going to win the day? Not sure how it works there.

“The Secrets” concept is, at the very least, self-assuring; it leads one’s trending thoughts into a more optimal result. Will it bring on all those things you may wish for? Not by itself. Rather, I think it creates a state of mind which allows the thinker to look at what is going on in his/her life from different perspectives and perhaps, identify a better way of achieving the desired results.

So, in the end… maybe it does function. Or, maybe it helps you identify and do the work that needs to be done in order to achieve your goals or solve a burdensome issue.

Hmmm… food for thought… In the meantime, will continue to weave the ever thinking spinneret…

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
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