Friday, November 20, 2009

No Blog Entry Today..

Today there is no blog entry. I had to spend most of the day taking care of a skin lesion on the crown of my head. Truly beginning to look like a crown, because every time I look, there is less hair... Anyway, apparently the little piece taken was almost an inch long by half inch wide and the MD closed it with very tight suturing, so as not to have to take a graft from behind my ear. So, in essence, I had a rear face lift and it does feel tight. Now I understand why, after the second face lift, it is very difficult to smile... ;-)

Anyway, shall retake the guiding principle tomorrow... Write! Write!! Write!!!... Right on!! Had a chance to talk with Hector in Miami a while ago and we were reminiscing about the days "of old" . Many memories to be shared with those who made them so.

Thanks for all your comments; they are my biggest incentive to come back every day. Right now, I am on my way to an analgesic and to bed; my head is letting me know in no uncertain terms that someone intruded in its domain today.

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