Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And Now… Where?

No, I am not talking about the political panorama, though this would certainly give much to comment on.

It has been now some 3 months since the magical (really??) threshold of Gulp!!! 70 was reached, breached, and pushed aside. Well I do believe it is magical for, in today’s environment, they (whoever “they” are) say that 70 is the new fifty. Nifty. (well, that last one gave me away!!)

When I was young eons ago, those who were over 65 were considered venerable folk, worthy of befriending and listening. Well, for politeness sake if nothing else… What I do remember is they tended to be paunchy, with less hair (well, got me on that one!), unable to do much more than walk around, talk about “good ol’ times” and go to a friendly get together, or two, of similar folks. And yes, I do enjoy looking back to earlier years of my life (how else could I have completed these 400 entries?) to reminisce but certainly not to live there.

Today, at age 70 one is wont to have as many plans and dreams as one had in his (OK, her too)20s, 30s, etc. Yes, the eyes are a little more jaundiced and the ears tend to discern more of the useless dribble than they did then but, it’s OK to dream and to look ahead. I know I do. And refuse to stop doing so. I work and probably will until the day I die. Maybe not at the same thing, but will be doing something (hopefully constructive…). Yes, my work schedule intentionally gives me more time to look around and to smell the flowers, as it were. Even to sometimes sit at this here computer and still put out some of this… whatever… I won’t work 24/7 because some of that time is my time and will use it accordingly. As willing and eager as I am to consider the future, it must be also coldly recognized I am a lot closer to the end of the road than I am to the beginning. 

Truth in advertising!!

There are many things I still want to do; many doors to open and explore, and some others to close. Roads which haven’t been traveled, and ports where I would like to bring this ship into. Is it a bucket list? No, not really. It is more like a bucket where I drop a little pebble for each thing I actually get to do. Admittedly it is well over half full and that, by itself, is not a bad report to give.

Oh, I will continue to write. These little “gems” have not been very forthcoming lately, but will begin to show up again with a little more regularity. There are some out there who actually read these entries. Some faithful friends and others who, by happenstance, fall into this blog in their search for something to read. To them I also say thanks.

Till next one!!!

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
·       Pray for those who are fighting an illness which may take them away from their loved ones… Every request is heard, and counts!!
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