Saturday, December 10, 2016

From Wally’s Pond

          Today I sit here just to pass the time and try my luck at actually writing what I hope can morph into a blog entry. Since it is my commitment (to self, anyway) to begin again to write at least one entry per week, I guess this exercise is in anticipation of next week’s delivery. Perhaps a meandering exercise while later getting into more defined topics.

          Wally’s Pond is a mental… oops, that’s a dated term… a virtual place where I can retreat to think and to just let my imagination fly. I am noticing, however, and with a degree of concern that my imagination’s take off and flight is more cumbersome than it may have been some time ago. Like everything else in life, it may be due to a lack of practice since, for reasons primarily beyond my immediate control, my time has not allowed me to do this writing exercise, which I truly enjoy doing.

          Occasionally, I check the stats on the blog and find, to my surprise, that there are folk who do come in to read some of the entries. And do so on a regular basis. From different countries, some where I can guess at possibly who he/she can be and others where I have never been, nor do I know anyone. In France, there is a dear friend with whom I have had no contact for a while. Maybe he is coming in to read. And thus, keep a virtual contact going.

          While I have not been writing zealously, there is one project where some of my limited time has been utilized. A Compendium. A friend who has read many of the entries since the beginning, suggested that a compendium with entries chosen by me be put together. Some in sequence, others individually. And perhaps it could be published; either in real hard format or on a virtual basis. It sounded interesting and some of my time has been put into this effort.

          While at Wally’s Pond (Ok… to me, it’s a real place…) there are some topics not allowed to sneak in. Like current events, for example. I am supposed to come here to relax, not to get mad or frustrated. So, I wax poetic about places, people and relationships and not about politics, which is a losing proposition. People and places are much more inviting, since these thoughts usually revolve around memories (good ones mostly) or about what can or could be.

          Today, one of the thoughts that came in unbounded, brought me back to one of my all-time favorite summer haunts, Cape Cod MA, and Province-town. Many years have passed since my last visit and probably the panorama has changed accordingly, but one among many favorite places back then, was  a little shanty off the main P-town pier where one could go and buy freshly caught clams, deep fried to a golden hue, along with a cone filled with french fries and a cold beer… then go sit at the pier and dangle collective feet in the water while eating these delicacies. Pure Heaven on Earth!!! Bicycles, walking the dunes, good food, great weather, relaxing times. Hmm… just thinking about it brought my BP and cholesterol down, I’m sure…

Another time, another life, another place…

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
·       Pray for those who are fighting an illness which may take them away from their loved ones… Every request is heard, and counts!!
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